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Molybdenum-Lithium Flexible Primary Cells

Fields of Appilcation:

  • Special equipment


The first samples of the cells having lithium anode were appeared in 60s of XX century, but in 70s their wide-scale production has been already started. The use of metallic lithium which differed by high specific capacity (3,83 h/g) and negative standard potential (-3,045V), has led to sufficient increase of specific energy in comparison with all known types of primary chemical power sources. Essentially, the functioning of power sources having lithium anode is based on two statements, namely: the using of non-aqueous aprotic electrolytes and spontaneous coating of lithium surface with thin passive film which possesses of solid electrolyte properties and Li+ ion conductivity (this film doesn’t limit anodic dissolution of lithium, but prevent the contact between lithium and electrolyte, i.e. prevents self-discharge).

Electrochemical processes at anode: Anodic dissolution of Li.

Li      Li+ + e

Electrochemical processes at cathode

MoO3 + xLi+ + xe      LixMoO3

Technical Advantages

  • Serviceability within wide range of temperatures
  • Stability to mechanical loads
  • Serviceability at any space position
  • Long service life
  • Flexibility